. I also noticed that WhatsApp jumps to old messages randomly sometimes.


There are about 10 different background sounds you can use during the call as well.

The plugin allows you to add various sound effects to your music and video files. monaco. .

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But there was one problem with this it will create echo on receiver side. . Background Sound During Call Very useful app to create fake background Sound by Y.

You can also play musical sounds in the background while you are on a call with this voice-changing application. .

Download & install LDPlayer - Android Emulator.

The PlayerPro DSP pack can be used in conjunction with the PlayerPro app.

0 APK for Android right now. .

exec () amix 'SLIMBUS_4_RX Audio Mixer MultiMedia2' 1 aplay -Dhw:0,1 mono_8khz. Overall, Magic Call App is an excellent app for changing your voice during the call.

fc-falcon">Background Sound During Call 1.

Very useful app to create fake background Sound. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. .

apk to. Use Raining noise, Happy Birthday Background, Traffic Noise and Music Concert background while talking to friends on call. 0 for Android. Background Sound During Call is a free app for Android, that belongs to the category 'Music & Radio'. ChromaCam.

this is a code to play music.

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Get Background Sound During Call.


iZotope RX.


With this, you can use your favorite media player and send it to the Audio In, and then change your microphone input in Teams to be the other virtual interface.