class=" fc-falcon">Delinquent Problem.

Delinquents will attack you if you get too close to them while wielding a weapon. (Y/N) (L/N) wasn't a delinquent by choice.

If Yandere-chan is struck by a delinquent’s weapon, she will get bruises on her face.


The male delinquents in 1980s Mode. . He wears a black beret and a red pen behind his left ear.

How to be a delinquent?-Yandere Simulator [2022]-----Hi guys! This is my first videód on this channel!I hope you will like it!------#yanderesimulator #yande.

They walk to their lockers at 7:30 AM and change from their outdoor shoes into their indoor shoes. Apr 26, 2018 · Yandere-chan starts the day with a specific amount of “health”. We use cookies to improve your experience using this site.

The dark void containing the original three demons. .

This will give you a better chance of hitting your target.


When Ayano Aishi walks up to a student and prompts the interaction wheel, the player must choose the sprite art of the two people holding hands. They walk to their lockers at 7:30 AM and change from their outdoor shoes into their indoor shoes.

. Some will not be as easy.

He has red eyes.
-The guitar case has been brought back and now.

The 1980 Delinquent Task be like.

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com/downloads/. This is all the demons that we can summon in the game !Link of the game : https://yanderedev. In order to start the ritual, Ayano must obtain a ritual knife located on the Occult Club altar, inside of the skull. . Yandere Simulator is a stealth action video game currently in development by American game developer YandereDev.

You should be able to.

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Each of the delinquents now has a task; this means that it is now possible to befriend all of the delinquents.