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Reggie Moonshroud is the class genius and supposed teacher's pet of Mr Schneider's class. Menu.


Apr 22, 2017 · Rick Moranis was given Gravedale High.

The Gravedale High episode "Do the Rad Thing" is to be considered as one. . In this series Rick Moranis provided the voice of Max Schneider, a human teacher tasked with taking on a classroom of classic movie monsters because no monster teacher had been able to handle the unruly children of Gravedale High.

Dec 28, 2021 · Episode 1 of "Gravedale High" : "Long Day’s Gurney into Night".

Gravedale High is about teacher Max Schneider, who taught a group of teenage monsters. Categories. Gravedale High (2 DVDs Box Set) Summary: Gravedale High (1990–1991).

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Vinnie is a vampire, Duzer is a.

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. All 13 Uncut Episodes on 2 DVD ISO files.

Creator's Pet: Frankentyke got the majority of episode focus and screen time in an.
99 Santa Clara, CA GRAVEDALE HIGH - THE COMPLETE SERIES All 13 Uncut Episodes on 2 DVDs Quality 7.

The series was created by David Kirschner for Hanna-Barbera Productions and starred Rick Moranis as Max Schneider, a human teacher who gets a job at Gravedale High - a school catering exclusively to monsters.


Schneider is the only human in Gravedale High, all the other students of which are vampires, werewolves, Egyptian mummies, Frankensteins and other friendly monsters. 1 Living The Dead. fc-falcon">Gravedale High.

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The series premiered in the fall of 1990 on NBC as part of its Saturday morning children's lineup and lasted thirteen episodes.

(title is a play on 'Walking Me Home' by P!NK) After being saved from a gang of bullies by one Vinnie Stoker, Reggie Moonshroud is a little confused on where they stand. Menu.


Gravedale High Gravedale High E005 The Dress-Up Mess-Up.

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